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Where To Not Buy Cannabis Online

Welcome to the Mail Order Cannabis Reviews website. A website that provides information and mail order Cannabis reviews to Cannabis users who wish to buy cannabis online from a Mail Order Cannabis service.

Buying cannabis online from a Mail Order Cannabis service can be a safe and good experience if you choose a legitimate source. There are a few trusted Mail Order Cannabis services that you can buy cannabis online from among a seemingly never-ending list of scammers and that's where this resource comes in.The Mail Order Cannabis Reviews provides a comprehensive list of known scammers, active or dead. Also available are sites that are not definitively verified as scammers, and a few acronyms of those that are generally considered safe to use.

Unverified Mail Order Cannabis Services
These MoM sites could be legitimate or they could be scams. Read the information available to help you determine if you feel a site is trustworthy or not.
I would suggest exercising caution if purchasing from one of these mail order Cannabis sites review
Status: Unverified but most likely a scam
  [MoM red flag]  Says they've been around for 2 years, though google searches yield almost NOTHING
  [MoM red flag]  Why would they have Kush on SALE for "Clearance Purposes" at $200/oz?
  [MoM red flag]  Hosted on a free site

This Mail Order Cannabis service doesn't appear to be a legit site to buy cannabis online to me. I don't know how old this website is (last updated), but I have a feeling it has been a while. Which to me is another red flag for a scam. I'd recommed to avoid! review
Status: Possibly LEGIT
This MoM did not spam numerous website forums or create psudonyms. One main discussion of the vendor on Topix (discussion link) had lots of actual different members praising this MoM. That particular forum was spanned through July of 2011, and nothing has been said since. This makes me wonder if it was run by a college student as a "summer job". Also I have heard talking about topix and a connection with LEO so be careful. review
Status: Unverified but most likely a scam
Damn, I found mail order Cannabis service and I hadn't got to reviewing it, now it's dead. Either way I'm sure it was a scam. Google searches found spamming. A topix forum had a user claiming an image on the website was stolen from BM. The email used by this MoM service is from an unsecured provider. I have sent an email, we will see if they reply. review
Status: Selective Scammer?
People have been crying foul of budbuddy recently. Others say he's still legit. I haven't had expierence with him any time in the last couple of years, so cannot help verify claims either way. Still, I find it hard to believe that Cannabis Culture would continue to endorse budbuddy if he had turned scammer. Either way, be careful, budbuddy may have turned to be a selective scammer. review
Status: Unverified
Cannot really find any information about this mail order Cannabis service. Cannabis Culture lists "" as a scam but it is not definitive that the two services are related. You need an account to use this website, and there's no link for registering, though that could be a ruse to look more legitimate. Looking at the website's history show that it's been around since 2007, does not allow search engine robots to access the site, and is closed off. In January 2012 I emailed inquiring about registration and was told in a friendly manner that the site is closed and was referred to BM. All of this helps it's validity. So this mail order Cannabis service is unverified, but may be legit. review
Status: Selective Scammer?
I remember seeing invite codes everywhere years ago, as well as reading good things about this MoM service. As of recently I read a whole bunch of really negative things. The reviews are still pretty mixed, a long of people crying scam, but a lot saying DGC is still legit. If you use this mail order Cannabis service beware that they may be a selective scammer. review
Status: Possibly LEGIT
onlinepot says this site is a scam. I however, have read that onlinepot is a scammer himself. A couple of reviews on safeorscam say that this mail order Cannabis service is legit but outrageously expensive. I have got a couple of emails from site users also saying this service is legit. I was not able to find much more information on this site. review
Status: Unverified but most likely a scam
  [MoM red flag]  Minimum order of 1 oz.
  [MoM red flag]  Shipping costs $25 per oz.
  [MoM red flag]  Don't seem open to communication. Instructions state to only email them to place an order.
  [MoM red flag]  Prices are too cheap
  [MoM red flag]  Kush & Non-Kush products are the same price review
Status: Unverified
This website LOOKS professional. The biggest issue that I have with it however is that the products and prices are the exact same as BudBuddy. The FAQ is also the same as the FAQ on BudBuddy, word for word. When googled, I found forum comments that compared BudBuddy and MaryJaneMail.

This could be a few things: BudBuddy & Co. (or someone else) could have started another legit website or if BudBuddy has turned scammer, he may have setup this site as another method to scam as to not tarnish his BudBuddy business any further. Also, this could have been setup by completely unrelated scammers that just are stealing content.

What has also jumped out to me is that the image styling reminds me of PbP. MaryJaneMail links to an articl about budder which tell the users to look up MaryJaneMail & PbP for their budder needs. Why only those two services? Other services offer Budder too.

So this begs the questions: Are BudBuddy and PbP in cahoots? Is PbP a subsidiary of BudBuddy?

For now, if you do want to try this service to help verify please only order what you're willing to lose. review

Status: Unverified but most likely a scam
  [MoM red flag]  Website is hosted on a free provider
  [MoM red flag]  Website offers no information about product or prices
  [MoM red flag]  Spammed numerous forums with email address (

Couldn't find much information on this MoM, no one has said anything about it. Either way, looks pretty sketchy to me. review
Status: Unverified but most likely a scam
  [MoM red flag]  WikiAnswers posts proves link to known scammer ExpressBud (LINK HERE)
  [MoM red flag]  Spams mutiples forums: Topix, WikiAnswers, Blogging Sites
  [MoM red flag]  Used other aliases/sites/email as well
            ~ WikiAnswers

The fact that there is any association with ExpressBud should prove without a doubt that middgreens is a scam perpitrated by the same person. Not to mention the spamming from multiple user accounts over multiple forums. Luckily it seems their host shut down their site fairly quickly. However I would expect much more from this scammer. Keep vigilant my friends. review
Status: Unverified
  [MoM red flag]  Lack of product updates is suspicious
  [MoM red flag]  Offer mailing address as contact information
  [MoM red flag]  Has a Facebook page

Scam Mail Order Cannabis Services
These MoM sites are known and active scams. Avoid these mail order Cannabis sites! review
Status: Scam
This MoM site is the living dead. It's dated 2008, so it's been sitting for 4 year, but I never received an "undeliverable" error message when I sent an email, so while the site may be a zombie, the email address appears to be active. We will see if I get a reply. Either way this MoM is a scammer, so avoid. review

Status: Scam
This MoM site is another zombie, but the email address attached to it seems to still be in service. It was listed as a scam on other sites so it will be here to.
Status: Scam
This is one of the many MoM sites that are assumed to belong to the "hesnice" scammer, along with , , , , onlinemom420 and 420distributions. review
Status: Scam
  [MoM red flag]  I received numerous emails about this MoM from people saying they got scammed
  [MoM red flag]  Hosted on a free website
  [MoM red flag]  Prices are too cheap. A 1/2 oz. of Kush for $125? That's not even street value!
  [MoM red flag]  Uses a hotmail address
  [MoM red flag]  Threatening to block email addresses for a variety of reasons review

Status: Scam
  [MoM red flag]  Minimum order of 14g ($120)
  [MoM red flag]  Their "order form" is unsecure and sketchy
  [MoM red flag]  One strain of Kush is $30 more than another strain of Kush?
  [MoM red flag]  Site is hosted on a free service
  [MoM red flag]  Subsequent google searches yield forums with sketchy results

Received a couple of emails from site users who said they were ripped off by this service. review
Status: Scam
This fake mail order Cannabis service is setup to look exactly Jay's Joints & Hash.
THIS IS NOT the real web address for Jay's Joints. review
Status: Scam
The second I saw this website I knew it was a scam.
The content and page layout is stolen directly from the trusted MoM "BM". review

Status: Scam
This Mail Order Cannabis service rips its content off of a well known, safe, reliable MoM site. The strains are the same, the pictures are the same, everything is the same. Total fake. review
Status: Scam
Also known by & - This is a sketchy looking mail order Cannabis website. The prices advertised are too cheap, and the site and email addresses are advertised to the point of nausea on Cannabis classified sites. Many users have reported sending payment and receiving nothing. review

Status: Scam
  [MoM red flag]  Spams web boards advertising his email address & website
  [MoM red flag]  Says hes been in business since 2002, yet cannot find legit customer reviews
  [MoM red flag]  Some wording on this website is identical to BudBuddy and BM

The funny thing about this MoM site to me, is that it tries so hard to come off legit... Also when researching the website or it's associated email address, the only hits I get are of "FrankDank" SPAMing his website and email everywhere. Received emails from site useers saying they were ripped off. Many of the same comments on forums as well review
Status: Scam
This is one of the many sites that the "hesnice" scammer has created. Along with , , Don't let the comments on the blog fool you, all negative comments are deleted. review
Status: Scam
This domain was originally It was initially reported by cannabis culture to be a scam and further investigation showed the website went months without any sort of updates, which to me is a clear sign of scamming, because a MoM should constantly be getting in new product.

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